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In today's digitally connected world, cybersecurity has become essential to organizational success. However, solid cybersecurity infrastructure is insufficient with the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Organizations must also create a robust cybersecurity culture where every employee actively protects the organization's digital assets.

"The Human Firewall: Building a Cybersecurity Culture in the Workplace" is an online course designed to help professionals, leaders, and organizations understand the importance of cybersecurity culture and learn how to establish, maintain, and improve it in their workplace. This comprehensive course will provide practical insights, strategies, and tools to foster a culture of shared responsibility, empower employees, and strengthen the organization's human firewall.

Throughout this course, you will explore:

  • The concept of cybersecurity culture and its importance in the workplace
  • Core components of a cybersecurity culture, including awareness, training, communication, leadership commitment, and continuous improvement
  • Developing and implementing an effective cybersecurity awareness program tailored to your organization's needs
  • Essential cybersecurity topics for employees and strategies for empowering them to take action
  • The critical role of leadership in fostering a cybersecurity culture
  • Assessing and improving your organization's cybersecurity culture through regular assessments, adaptation, and continuous improvement

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create a strong cybersecurity culture in your organization, making it more resilient against cyber threats and fostering a more secure working environment for all. Whether you are a business leader, IT professional, or an employee looking to contribute to your organization's cybersecurity efforts, this course offers valuable insights and practical guidance for building a cybersecurity culture to protect your business from the fastest-growing crimes in society.

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Cyber Security Awareness Professor Mack Jackson Jr

Mack Jackson Jr. is the CEO of Vanderson Cyber Group. In the age of global cyber threats, Vanderson Cyber Group helps businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks by teaching them cybersecurity awareness. Vanderson Cyber Group uses state-of-the-art practices in security policy development and comprehensive employee training. One of the essential services is phishing simulation and compliance training, which keep employees up-to-date on the threat landscape. Vanderson Cyber Group also provides resources for cyber insurance, managed services, and legal representation. For more information: His background is in cyber law, cybersecurity, and anti-money laundering. Mack Jackson Jr. is a graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego with a master's degree in law (J.S.M). Mack is a doctoral candidate at Capella University in cybersecurity assurance. Mack is certified in anti-money laundering consulting, risk management, and cyber security.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction - Video

    2. Introduction

    1. What Is Identity Theft?

    2. What is Identity Theft? - Video

    1. The #1 Source of Identity Theft - Video

    2. Identity Theft in The Workplace - Section 2.pdf

    1. Employee's Role in the Workplace - Video

    2. Employee's Role in the Workplace

    3. Case study of an employee work space.

    1. How Do Cyber Thieves Steal Your Information - Video

    2. How Do Cyber Thieves Steal Your Information

    1. Fines, Penalties, and Liabilities - Video

    2. Fines, Penalties, and Liabilities

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